Monday, December 31, 2007

Kevin Dallosto : E-Snitch of the Decade

Pictured above Kevin and 5 Star General , eternal secret lovers. (Don't let Omar find out) Kevin is the white kid. 5 Star is the black kid. If you are wondering what 5 Star did, he is a flip-flopping piece of shit that changes sides (sexually and forum wise) more than he changes his tampons, be careful of him too.

As the new year approaches, I have taken time to expose one of the most hated e-snitches/bitches on Hip-Hop forums. His family (mostly his hugging brother) know him as Kevin Dallosto, a white kid from Washington State. But in the forum world he goes by KDShortKid (KDShortDick) MajorKD, and other names incorporating KD. If you want to know what forums he is at, trying googling KDshortkid, and you will see that he is signed up in virtually every forum. At the same time, you can also see he is hated in every forum. The reasons range from being a dickrider, to being a bitch, to being a homo e-thug that wears a red fitted hat. But a huge reason of why he is hated, is because he is a SNITCH. He has ratted out on at least one site, and has probably contributed to the shutting down of other hip-hop related download sites/blogs. So be sure to thank Mr. Kevin Dallosto, the E-Snitch of the decade. To make matters worse, he is an admin on a hip-hop forum, pretty damn ironic, since they too offer free downloads (they also offer Trannies, and Bots, and their 0day is mad wack, as well as the forum itself.) That particular forum boast of having many members. But what the public doesn't know is that most of those "members" are actually Bots thats have been used to boast up the member count on that forum. To prevent e-snitching be sure to watch out for Kevin Dallosto. And if this blog isnt up in the coming days it is because KDshortdick snitched on it :)

How to spot a Kevin

  • Nick names such as, Major KD, KDShortKID
  • Where every a bitch nigga named 5 Star General is, KD is sure to be there
  • IP Addresses : (notice the similarities in his IP addresses, he is known to change them, so beware of that)
  • Email address :
  • Myspace :
  • AIM: minidisaballer
  • And be sure to google KDshortkid
And to add salt to injury, here's the proof :

Kevin Snitching On A Site. He got that site shut down(Click to Enlarge)

Kevin and his buddy snitching on another site (Click to Enlarge)

Real Crap Talk Bots (Click to Enlarge)

Kevin giving that gangsta glare (notice the red fitted, Step Yo Game Up Mafioso)

Kevin and his brother in Brotherly Love

Why so many towels Kevin ?

This is the lighter side of Kevin, when he's not on the internet being an e-thug and snitching on sites, he's at home, with his kitty cat.

How to Spot a 5 Star :

  • Talks about the Nawf all the time
  • Slim Thug dick rider
  • Constantly says he "dranks lean"
  • You can only understand 3 words out of a sentence or paragraph he writes
  • Loves Kevin
  • Changes side more than he changes his panties
  • Constanly talks about "fraud ass niggas" when he obviously doesn't know he is one
And that ladies and gentlemen is how you spot a Kevin and 5 Star all i gotta do is ask them one question :

U Mad ????

oh and be sure to send a message to Kevin at minidisaballer on aim :)


5 Stawr said...

mane y ya talkyn down on me?

anonymous said...

expose ismar next please

Jerry said...

Hello, i came across this blog, and i was on numerous sites with Kevin/KDshortkidd, and he infact is a white bitch who tries to act hard on the internet, when in real life, he gets grounded by his parents for being up so late...Kevin not only snitches on the internet, but in life too, getting numerous school bullies detention, when all they did was steal his hat/cd's/dvd's and lunch...Kevin tries making friends by being a 'hustler' but, instead of selling cd's and dvd's, he gets them stolen...Kevin is a snitch and should be banned from life. His brother once tried sticking up for Kevin, but he got hit in the head with a slingshot, this goes to Show, that everyone in the Dollosto family are bitches.