Tuesday, April 8, 2008


For the past year, Long Beach native Crooked-I, has been releasing a track once a week. These tracks are know as The Hip-Hop Weeklys. Rabid Crooked-I fans couldn't wait till the next week just to see what beat Crooked would use and what lyrical works he would bring to the table that week. Then theres some that didn't even know about the Hip-Hop Weeklys. This mixtape was compiled by the staff at NOHH and the cover was made by Stress, a moderator at NOHH. (Thanks Stress). Download this if you need to get familiar with Crooked-I , or if you just want all the tracks together in one fine collection, such as this one. This cat used to roll with Suge Knight and Death Row Records, am not to sure why Crooked ain't signed to Death Row. He has to have one hell of a work ethic to be releasing a track every week for a complete year. Can't wait till the dude finally drops an official album. The quality on these tracks are great, the lowest bitrate being 160 cbr I believe and the highest 320 cbr ? Regardless, download this shit, listen to it, and while you are at it, sign up at NOHH ya diGG ? This shit is dope !!!!

│ │
│ ┌────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐ │
│ : : │
│ Crooked I - Hip-Hop Weekly Freestyles │
│ │
│ │
│ Artist : Crooked I │
│ Album : Hip-Hop Weekly Freestyles │
│ Label : n/a │
│ Source : WEB │
│ Genre : Hip-Hop │
│ Type : Bootleg │
│ Year : 2008 │
│ Ripper : WEB │
│ Grabber : WEB │
│ Encoder : WEB │
│ Quality : WEB / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo │
│ Rip Date : Apr-03-2008 │
│ Street Date : Apr-03-2008 │
│ MyReleaseNo : 1 │
│ │
│ │
│ ┌─────────────────────────────[ ReleaseNotes ]───────────────────────────┐ │
│ : : │
│ A year has passed since Crooked-I has set │
│ out to release a freestyle every week. They │
│ became know as the Hip-Hop Weeklys, and here │
│ they are all together for your convenience ! │
│ │
│ Shoutouts to the NOHH Staff that helped │
│ compile this collection and Thanks to Stress │
│ for the dope ass cover !!! Visit us at │
│ www.nationofhiphop.net Where Hip-Hop Lives, │
│ and thats Real Talk ya digg ? │
│ │
│ │
│ ┌──────────────────────────────[ Tracklist ]─────────────────────────────┐ │
│ : : │
│ 01.Straight to the Bank Freestyle [02:24] │
│ 02.Im Throwed Freestyle [02:48] │
│ 03.Vibe Freestyle [05:47] │
│ 04.2nd Coming Tuck Ya Ice Freestyle [06:37] │
│ 05.Umbrella We Takin Over Freestyle [04:19] │
│ 06.Get it Shawty Amusement Park Freestyle [04:07] │
│ 07.Crusin Just the King Freestyle [04:52] │
│ 08.Make Me Better Freestyle [02:35] │
│ 09.Deep Cover Freestyle [02:38] │
│ 10.You Know My Steez Freestyle [03:00] │
│ 11.Boy Looka Here Go Getta Freestyle [04:39] │
│ 12.Big Shit Poppin Freestyle [05:05] │
│ 13.International Players Anthem Freestyle [03:11] │
│ 14.Pop Lock and Drop it Freestyle [04:23] │
│ 15.Cant Tell Me Nothing Freestyle [06:28] │
│ 16.My Bitch Freestyle [03:24] │
│ 17.Oh My God Freestyle [04:03] │
│ 18.Uh Oh Freestyle [02:45] │
│ 19.Died in Your Arms Freestyle [04:25] │
│ 20.Real Muthafuckin Gz Freestyle [04:24] │
│ 21.Big Spender Freestyle [03:17] │
│ 22.Blueprint 2 Freestyle [04:31] │
│ 23.Doin Dat Come on Baby Freestyle [05:39] │
│ 24.Ill Still Kill Big Brother Freestyle [07:38] │
│ 25.Imagine Freestyle [04:16] │
│ 26.One Mic Freestyle [03:08] │
│ 27.Kill Us All Freestyle [02:27] │
│ 28.No Stoppin Carson Freestyle [02:29] │
│ 29.Free Ti-Quit Snitching Freestyle [04:16] │
│ 30.Xxplosive Freestyle [04:36] │
│ 31.Dogg Pound for Life Freestyle [03:36] │
│ 32.Leather So Soft Freestyle [03:27] │
│ 33.Getaway Freestyle [04:06] │
│ 34.Im A G Freestyle [05:13] │
│ 35.Dynasty Freestyle [03:31] │
│ 36.Ten Rap Commandments Freestyle [04:01] │
│ 37.Boyz N Da Hood Freestyle [04:13] │
│ 38.Forgive Me Freestyle [05:43] │
│ 39.All Eyez on Me-Freestyle [05:38] │
│ 40.They Know Freestyle- [03:36] │
│ 41.Best Rapper Alive Freestyle [03:45] │
│ 42.Put You on the Game Freestyle [03:52] │
│ 43.The Takeover Freestyle [04:06] │
│ 44.Till I Collapse Freestyle [03:24] │
│ 45.Ether Freestyle [03:54] │
│ 46.Hit Em Up Freestyle [02:40] │
│ 47.Love Me No More Freestyle [04:05] │
│ 48.Mary Jane Freestyle [03:51] │
│ 49.That White Freestyle [03:12] │
│ 50.Back Down Freestyle [03:51] │
│ 51.Big Dreams Freestyle [03:57] │
│ 52.Lollipop Freestyle [05:10] │
│ 53.The Finale [10:27] │
│ ------- │
│ 223:29 min│
│ 297,10 MB │
│ │



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